Jean-Michel Namand

Jean-Michel Namand


Praha 5, Czech Re.

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  • Conseil
  • Informatique
  • Management
  • SSII

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  • English

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    Established in 2004 in Czech Republic, NATEK has created a global organization in Central Europe in order to develop long-term partnerships with prestigious international companies by providing complete range of services as professional services, Near shoring and platform service delivery.

    With currently more than 400 employees, NATEK delivers service in following countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.
    Our objective is to staff more than 200 IT specialists in the next 12 months, NATEK thus becomes one of the most sought-after companies specialized in IT outsourcing in Central and Eastern Europe.

    If you are interested in more information, please visit

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    Recent contacts
    Valérie de Pannemaecker
    Mélodie Niethz
    Severine Vilmer
    • Executive Coach HEC- Coach Process Com- Fondatrice et Dirigeante OSECO Conseil
    Lancina Konaté

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