Bruno Bucherie

Bruno Bucherie

Manager, Opinicus international s.r.o.

Currently employed at Opinicus international s.r.o.

Previous: Ministère de la Défense


Previous: Vysoká Škola Ekonomická V Praze (University Of Economics In Prague), Istituto Superiore Di Stato-Maggiore Interforze, Institut National Langues Et Civilisations Orientales, Ecole Militaire EMSST, Ecole Etat Major De Compiègne, Ecole D'Application De L'Arme Blindée Et Cavalerie, Ecole Militaire Interarmes (EMIA), Lycée Militaire D'Aix En Provence



    I'm a young manager of a small company specialized in consultancy and strategic analysis in the field of Defense and Security in Central Europe. However my background is rich of a 30-year career in the French Armed Forces. Fluent in Czech, English, Italian and obviously French, I decided to offer my help and my knowledge to people or companies who want to decrypt the Czech or French world of Defense in order to find partners or Trade opportunities. This autumn I will start a new activity with some friends coming from the French Armed Forces: we will train Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (security teams specialized in protection of merchant ships against piracy). Taking advantage of the lower prices in Central and Eastern Europe, we will organize our courses between the Czech Republic for the shooting and Bulgaria for the maritime part. You will find all information on our website




At Opinicus international s.r.o.

From September 2012 to Present

Liaison officer for the European Presidency

At Ministère de la Défense

From October 2007 to July 2009
2007-2008 in Ljubljana (Slovenia) 2008-2009 in Prague (Czech republic)

Deputy chief of the Defence Security Service at General Secretariat for National Defense

At Ministère de la Défense

From August 2004 to September 2007
Mainly responsible for European, Space, Military and NRBC affairs

Ecole Militaire EMSST, Paris

Brevet technique, Ecole Militaire EMSST

From September 2000 to July 2002
International Affairs and Foreign languages

Career Officer

At Ministère de la Défense

From August 1989 to August 1997
Platoon leader, deputy company commander, company commander and staff officer in various garrisons in France and abroad

Contract Officer

At Ministère de la Défense

From January 1983 to August 1986
Platoon leader and Deputy company commander in the French Armed Forces in France and in Germany

Lycée Militaire D'Aix En Provence, Aix En Provence

A-Grade and DEUG Italian language + Modern Litterature, Classes Préparatoires - Corniche Lyautey

From September 1977 to July 1982


  • Balkans
  • Central Europe
  • Crisis management
  • Defense Industrial and Technological Base
  • France
  • International Affairs
  • Italy
  • Military Affairs
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